Today's freebie is wee switch-a-ma-bob thingy switch thing. Reason it's a switch-a-ma-bob thingy is that the original idea was a wee bit different but this is the end result and I'm pleased with it. As usual it's 100% vector shapes, meaning, 100% resizable and fully customizable. Change colors or icons, code it up and use it, implement it in an

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Today's freebie is something neat. A couple of frames that fits perfect for stores and showcases. The frames are 100% resizable making them fit any project you have in mind or to get any photo fit just right. Two versions of the frames, a woven one and a wooden frame. Change the pattern to customize it with just a couple

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Today's freebie is something every website has use for, a simple yet attractive square download button. This simple button is 100% scaleable and 100% customizable as always. For the icon I used Rogie Kings - Lino Icon Set which in all it's beauty is more than worth picking up. Don't forget to share this freebie and help us spread the word! Layered

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Today's freebie comes from our friend Mikhail Gritsak, the man behind Folksnet. And he has been kind enough to share a nice new freebie with us. This content ribbon will most likely come in handy at one point or another and maybe help you save some time for an upcoming project. Go download, spread the word and make sure to follow Mikhail

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Today's freebie is something every website has use for. A simple yet attractive share button. As usual this freebie is fully layered and fully customizable in both size and color. Code it up, apply it to your website, make a custom share button or whatever, just have fun with it! Don't forget to share this post or like the Dribbble

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Today is a proud and fun day for us here at Simply Pixels. Today is the day when we celebrate 10 000 downloads and counting! We've waited for this day ever since we first launched and this is an amazing milestone for us, even if 10 000 don't sound like much it's more than adequate for us as it's a

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Today's freebie is a bit different from our usual freebies. This is a highly detailed illustration of a piggy, simple as that, it's a piggy illustration and it's from Yogesh Dhiman. Yogesh is a GraphicRiver author, hails from a small town in India and very talented designer. Piggy is fully layered and grouped, 100% resizable and nothing but simply awesome!

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Check out our awesome simple DataURI tool if you haven't, it's simply awesome! Check it out!

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