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My name is Patrik Larsson a self taught web designer with a passion for creativity and design in whole. A Reviewer for one of Envato’s marketplaces. Born and raised in chilly (but sometimes sunny), Sweden some 28 years ago (no spring chicken but still young & kickin’). Now living with my girl in a town called Orebro in the heart of Sweden (pretty much centered).


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  1. m3rTR April 22, 2012 # | Reply

    Good. :)

  2. Taras May 21, 2012 # | Reply

    you have a problem with registration on the site

    • Patrik L May 21, 2012 # | Reply

      Hi, I’ve done some testing and it seems to be working just fine from this end but we’ll do some more testing. Thanks for the notice!

  3. julgeiger March 24, 2013 # | Reply

    Hi Patrik… in response to Taras comment, I believe what he may be referring to is the issues I had. I almost gave up after about 20 minutes of trying. What was happening to me- After registering or subscribing even after confirming subscription.. It directed me right to what I am guessing is your personal website. Link- http://larssonpatrik.com/
    So if it helps any, I may not be the only one. You have great resources here.. glad I kept trying :) I wish I could tell you what finally worked but honestly after so many attempts it just did. Thanks for the awesome resources…now off to download :)
    ps- I am using google chrome (latest)

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